Steve Angello, Size Matters - UK Tour

2010 / SFX

BPM produce another retina scorching live show for Steve Angelo’s ‘Sizesim’ UK Tour, providing the full show production.

When Steve Angello approached BPM about his Sizeism UK Tour, we faced the task of producing a fully touring concept which would be totally unique to Steve and his tour.

After numerous discussions and design meetings our team found a new product that would give the impact needed in the Chromelec Jarag, tie this ‘wall’ in with the new Robe Robin Beam moving head lighting, RGB 10 Watt full color Lasers and Strobe lights we had not only produced a totally unique concept but one which would be used in 3 different venues over 3 days on its launch weekend. Added with a full Pyrotechnic Show, A Mass of confetti showering the crowd and blasting CO2 Ice Cannons it certainly was a retina scorching show……that visually bombarded the senses and ticked all the boxes!