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CREAMFIELDS 2019 WAS A BIG ONE! The team as always worked incredibly hard to make this monster of a festival come to life. The event incorporated a massive array of SFX ensuring the end of the British summer was incredibly HOT! 

BPM SFX worked across 8 stages over the duration of the weekend, and for an enormous number of artist. 

The line-up included world exclusive artists Calvin Harris and the Swedish House Mafia, who put on their biggest show to date! 

Saturdays headliner, Calvin Harris included CO2, Stage Pyrotechnics, Display Pyrotechnics and Flame FX as well as a laser package.

The Swedish House Mafia, warmed up the Sunday evening with an insane amount of Flame FX on the stage, in the pit and even behind the stage. Flame FX provided by BPM used in the headline set included Inferno Flames, Hurricane Flames, Wave Flames, Chameleon Flames and G-Flames on power upgrades. The Sweeds also had a Pyrotechnic display and hits of confetti and streamers – what an epic night! 

The team provided lasers for a number of artists, and put on an incredible laser display for Eric Prydz.