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Small but mighty! The brand-new Club Blower packs a powerful punch for its size. With a standalone output of 8m, the units fill smaller event settings, such as academies and indoor event halls with ease. 

Where the new Club Blower really excels however, is when coupled with the new FX blower fan system; A powerful 16000w set of air blowers that can be truss mounted above in a way that continuously pushes the confetti around the room, with an extended output of up to 20m! This technique means the confetti can be ‘held’ in mid-air for extremely longer durations, deceptively still only produced from a single Club Blower unit.

Adjustable mounting brackets allow the Club Blower unit to be truss mounted, or reversed as a floor stand – With a simple plug & play, direct on/off (True1) as the control. The automatic dosing system (similar to our Arena Blowers), means a continuous flow of confetti is guaranteed to get the crowd going, and going, and going, and going.