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Our famous C02 Jets have been seen on a multitude of stages all over the world – from huge stadium one offs, prestigious product launches, to hectic academy tours, there’s very few places that haven’t seen the now infamous plumes of gas erupt on that big moment!

Our reliable C02 Jets produce plumes of up to 8m, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage, and can be controlled through a range of various methods including switch packs, DMX or Timecode. Boasting a low-profile design; our Jets can be subtly positioned on stage, or easily mounted to truss systems. 

Over the years we’ve fine-tuned our C02 Systems to adapt to any client needs or stage configuration; So, no matter what the brief, you can trust our experience in providing safe and dependable Cryo Jets for your event.

Our MKII C02 Jets can also be outfitted with low noise nozzles; reducing the noise of the blast; whilst still producing a thick white plume – perfect for TV!