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One of the newest liquid Flames to market, the state of the art Flameblazer unit comes brimming with useful features, and is already proving itself to be an adaptable & reliable flame system for a multitude of uses. 

The Flameblazer unit has three changeable nozzles, producing flame heights of 6m(Small), 8m (Medium), 10m (Large) respectively. The units contain a 5L Fluid tank, allowing for long continuous firing between reloads. 

Safety is paramount to BPM-SFX, and the Flameblazer’s inbuilt safety circuit means multiple steps, such as double deadman switches and a dedicated safety channel, must be taken before the unit can fire. 

Multiple units may be daisy chained and ran through DMX control, resulting in a beautifully linear flame system that reliably lights the fuel every time, even when fighting against wind and the elements.