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The bigger brother of our famous C02 Jets, the C02 Power Jet is a single output Cryo effect that produces huge plumes of gas up to 18m! 

Built to the highest quality; Our C02 Power Jets share the same versatility as our regular jets when It comes to placement of the unit – Mount the Units up high, firing down into the crowd for a cooling effect, or secure them to stage and fill the space within seconds as the huge output roars up and above any other cryogenic effect!

Our C02 Power Jets are suitable for both outdoor & indoor (approval required) usage, and can be controlled through a range of various methods including switch packs and DMX. These beasts use between 4 – 8 Liquid C02 Bottles dependant on usage required. 

The C02 Power Jet is the perfect effect for those wishing for that huge ‘Ice Cannon’ look, without having to expose themselves to the dangers and inconvenience of nitrogen.