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The very latest in Snow FX hardware, The SnowCase is a powerful low noise snow machine that creates foam snowflakes and blows them up to 15m into the air. 

Using a specific snow fluid, The SnowCase produces realistic looking snowflakes, that can be adjusted in size for that perfect snowfall effect. The fluid used is biodegradable, non-toxic and non-staining. 

The unit itself is a waterproof touring sized case that can be fired using DMX, or via timer mode – which allows the SnowCase to run on its own from a pre-set clock, with no operator or lighting console needed. Perfect for semi-permanent installations. 

The head unit of the machine can also be extended up to 25m from the base unit; allowing the output to come from a rigged truss position high above the crowd. Alternatively, the hose can be used as a snow gun in this configuration.