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Close proximity pyrotechnics are one of the best ways to really add that ‘wow’ factor moment to any show. Because of the high standard of manufacture, C-P Pyrotechnics produce a lot less ‘fallout’ than fireworks so are suitable and safer for most indoor, stage, arena, stadium and festival events.

Our array of different pyrotechnic products supplied by international manufactures means we can determine the safest and most suitable pyrotechnics for any one performance, risk assessing the factors involved such as venue, production and performance means we can create the safest high impact pyrotechnic displays for the biggest stadiums or the smallest stages. 

Gerbs – fountains of sparks that vary in heights and durations, ranging from ¼ second ‘jets’ to 30 Second ‘Durations’. 

Mines – coloured columns of bright coloured stars. 

Comets – single very bright coloured stars that burn out at their apex height. 

Waterfalls – Falling sparks that provide the bespoke ‘curtain’ effect. 

Concussions – also referred to as ‘maroons’, these potent flash powder units create an extremely loud bang. 

Flash – instant flash when fired. Come in variations such as sparks, coloured, and noisy.

Airburst – suspended in the air, airburst provide aerial pyrotechnic bursts, that can also include confetti. 

Falling Stars – similar to comets, but the single bright star falls towards the ground and burns out at tits apex. 

Line Rockets – a line rocket is a device that is attached to a steel wire and allowed to travel the distance from the line. A line rocket produces a whistle noise and produces a sparks tail.